Issue No. 19, Winter 2016

To My College BFF
Kim Hambright

You reminded me today
of words I can’t remember saying
something about loving you but
I couldn’t have said it so plainly
the boys believe us gay already
but mainly
I wouldn’t have shown
my pocket queens afraid of your aces

I memorized that face you made
when you came to class late
I hadn’t saved the seat next to me
the front row only paces behind B. Lenis
professor with the most condescending
eyelashes and an office peppered
with bobble heads
of the British Queen

To you who wrote the best papers
and struck up our first conversation
about purple hair dye To drinking
mugs of moscato with endless tiramisu
Best. Friends. Forever.
until we’ve grown too tall
to call and ask
How are you?

Kim Hambright is a Florida-based poet currently pursuing an MFA with Chatham University. She enjoys blogging for The Fourth River and collecting fabulous SEE Eyewear. Her work can be found in the “Home” issue of Snapdragon: A Journal of Art and Healing.