Feature: Issue No. 19, Winter 2016

Sharing a Toothbrush, I Decide to Marry Him
M. J. Arlett

Before, too often I dreamed
my teeth were mutineers,
sometimes they would wobble in my jaw for hours.

Once, I gagged up a molar complete with concrete
and moss, a brick in the wall of my mouth gone.
A fear of change I was told. A fear of loss, I read.

I neglected to weed the whites of my eyes,
they grew wild and knotted. I planted acorns
in the pages of my dream dictionary,

between ‘Teeth’ and ‘Telegram’,
hoped their roots would pull up the skeletons
buried in my mind.

M. J. Arlett is an MFA candidate at Florida International University where she is the nonfiction editor for Gulf Stream Magazine. She was born in the UK, spent several years in Spain and now lives in Miami. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Lunch Ticket, Poet Lore, Mud Season Review, Tinderbox Poetry Review and elsewhere.