Issue No. 19, Winter 2016

Dear Old Men
Justine Arinda Johnson

Winter Feature, 2016
Away by Jessica Jernigan
Sharing a Toothbrush, I Decide to Marry Him by M. J. Arlett

The Mooneaters by Bradley Sides
The Little Girl and the Wolf or Selva Oscura by AJ Cunder
Sometimes a Raincloud by Nahida S. Nisa
The Boy in the Woods by Nora Shychuk
Into Gold by Krista Ahlberg
Wind Across the Moon and Sun by Skye Rozario

A Phase of the Moon by Ruth Asch
Fur by Katharyn Howd Machan
Amends and The Droning River by Louisa Muniz
Thaw by Sandi Leibowitz
First Date by Lisa Bren
To My College BFF by Kim Hambright
Mercury from Mariner and Mercury from Earth by Allison Parker
Day of Reckoning by Matt Morris
Building Soil (Hexagram 35) by Mark C. Childs
Flowers That Fly and Baba Yaga by Raquel Vasquez Gilliland
In Redwoods by Merridawn Duckler
November by Dah Helmer

Cactus Study
Justine Arinda Johnson

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