News Item #12

Dear Writers and Readers,

The Summer 2013 issue of Rose Red Review is now live! I apologize for its delayed release; my residency at Pacific University did not yield much free time. Of note: the campus itself is the stuff of fairy tales:

Marsh Hall, Pacific University

During residency, I had coffee with the lovely Jeannine Hall Gailey, whom I featured in the first issue of Rose Red Review. (Can you believe it? The publication is now a year-old!) Her new book, Unexplained Fevers, is out now. If you enjoy her poems, please consider purchasing this wonderful collection!

Rose Red Review is currently accepting submissions for its Autumn 2013 issue. In accordance with the submission guidelines, please use Submittable. I do not accept e-mail submissions; please e-mail me only if you have questions about the publication, or if you need to withdraw a piece from your submission. Individual e-mails are occasionally lost within waves of spam. Submittable ensures your submission will be read.

In anticipation of Halloween, I would like to see a variety of themed submissions for the Autumn 2013 issue: work that concerns the dark origin of fairy tales. Your ghosts. Your goblins. Your beasts. Rattle those chains! The reading period for the Autumn 2013 issue will close August 12th, 2013.

Happy Summer, and happy reading!

Warm Regards,
Larissa Nash
Rose Red Review