News Item #19

Dear Writers and Readers,

Beyond the Pale Motel

Exciting news! For our Autumn feature, we’re interviewing an expert in everyday magic: the lovely Francesca Lia Block, author of The Rose and the Beast: Fairy Tales Retold, the Dangerous Angels series, and the hot off the presses Beyond the Pale Motel. We’ll ask her questions about her new book, as well as her love of fairy tales and mythology… and we’ll take questions from you, too! Leave your questions here, and we’ll select a few for the interview.

Please do spread the word!


Here are Rose Red Review‘s nominations for the 2014 Best of the Net:


A Scandinavian Hotel in Couplets by Alexandra van de Kamp (Winter 2013)
Delilah, Scorned by Elizabeth Johnston (Summer 2014)
Madame de Pompadour Thinks of Little Red Riding Hood by Kristin Stoner (Autumn 2013)
The Color of Magic Diane Lockward (Autumn 2013)
The Giraffe by Matt Morris (Summer 2014)
The Summerland by William Reichard (Summer 2014)


Path Before Giants by Jo Taylor (Summer 2014)
The Night You Showed Me Ambaglass by Graham Tugwell (Summer 2013)

Creative Non-Fiction:
Selkie by Julie Jeanell Leung (Summer 2014)

Please note: Works from the Autumn 2014 issue will be eligible for the 2015 Best of the Net.

Rose Red Review no longer plans to nominate work for the Pushcart Prize. A lot of politics are involved; as such, it’s highly unlikely submissions from “unknown”/online publications are even read.

Warm Regards,
Larissa Nash