News Item #27

Dear Writers and Readers,

As you read the latest issue, you’ll notice its themes are a bit heavy for summer. I started Rose Red Review, in part, because the world is too much sometimes. Everyday magic encompasses more than fanciful fairy tale retellings. It’s beauty in a brutal world. It’s birdsong. It’s heartache. It’s twinkle lights in a crumbling, dirty train station. It’s maintaining a sense of wonder when the world goes to shit. Claudia Serea’s poem, “Autumn Walk,” conveys this sense of wonder amid chaos. Its message is the main theme for Summer 2016.

I’m heartsick. Rose Red Review isn’t a political publication, but it’s a place for diverse voices: black, white, brown, gay, straight, and of many faiths. You matter. In this climate of fear and uncertainty, you matter, no matter how many people insist you don’t. Keep that in mind as you read the selected stories and poems.

Any time it gets to be too much, look for something beautiful, even if it’s just a discarded piece of pearlescent seashell on a city sidewalk. Magic exists. It’s life and all the little details.

Warm Regards,
Larissa Nash